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building security

Details :

Must work safely in an industrial environment, with minimum downtime and in a cost efficient and safe manner.
• Should perform periodic inspections, testing, adjustments, calibrations, and servicing activities necessary to assure the proper operation of process instrumentation and control systems (i.e. flow, level, temperature, pressure, consistency, PH, conductivity, oxygen and others).
• Maintains, installs and inspects electrical equipment such as HV and LV Switchgears, motors, MCCs, Control Panels, wirings, communication equipment and others.
• Repairs, maintains, sets and programs operating parameters for variable frequency drives, soft starters, servo controllers, positioners, actuators and others.
• Maintains pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, parts and auxiliaries.
• Maintains and orders necessary hardware, test instruments, tools and other equipment necessary for the performance of duties.
• Maintains maintenance records with emphasis on cause of failures, accomplishments and recommendations through logbooks for reference on future trouble-shooting
• Maintains reference manuals, brochures, catalogues, drawings, plans, operation instructions and other materials for all equipment covered by the scope of responsibility.
• Repairs, interconnects, installs, and maintains parts, materials and equipment with the use of proper tools of the trade to accomplish job assignment.
• Conducts thorough inspection works of all electrical, electronic equipment, process control instruments and auxiliaries.
• Be exposed to variable temperature/weather conditions; heights and potential electric hazards.
• Be available to work a flexible schedule, and on an as-needed basis.
• Should be good in speaking, reading and writing English language.
• Assist the Electrical Department Head or his Assistant in jobs relating to above mentioned.
• Should perform other assignments, which the immediate superior may assign from time to time as the need arises.